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Never Have I Ever: Carrie Underwood Admits to Putting Makeup on Her Husband and More Beauty Confessions!

Feb 21, 2017 -- 12:29pm

Trending Today: This student graded his ex-girlfriend's apology letter

Feb 21, 2017 -- 11:38am

After a break-up a college student received an apology letter from his ex and responded in an unusal way...he graded it!

Nick decided to get a red marker out and critique the four-page note before sending it back to his former partner.

Harsh? He admits now that tweeting it MAY not have been the best idea...especially now that it's gone viral. His original tweet has been shared more than 100,000 times.

Homeless Cats Given Funny "Likes and Dislikes" to Help Them Get Adopted at Local Animal Rescue

Feb 21, 2017 -- 11:34am

Comedian Jeff Wysaski of Obvious Plant visited an animal rescue group in California and decided to add some humor to the descriptions of the cats up for adoption.  

He listed the "likes and dislikes" on their adoption cards to make sure they found the perfect forever home to fit their personality.  


A post shared by Obvious Plant (@obviousplant) on



maybe he's a country music fan??

The full series of cats are available to view on the Obvious Plant blog.

Feel Good Story: Walmart cashier pays for half of customer's grocery bill!

Feb 21, 2017 -- 11:31am

A South Carolina mother of three, was “absolutely blown away” when a Columbia Walmart cashier insisted on covering half of her $200 grocery bill —with her personal credit card!

She shared the incredible moment on Facebook and told PEOPLE magazine the story behind it.  She said as they were checking out their cashier told them, "I think y’all need a blessing tonight!’ And she waked around to the machine and swiped the card. She said ‘God told me to bless y’all!’ I said ‘Are you serious? Okay, thank you!’ ”

Ashley's photo and the sweet story behind it has gone viral

THOMAS RHETT: It's a Girl!

Feb 20, 2017 -- 12:29pm

New Yorkers can now travel down the road (and back again) to a new Golden Girls-inspired restaurant.

Feb 20, 2017 -- 11:27am

Rue La Rue Café is a new restaurant in New York serving up nostalgia, beer, and of course..cheesecake!!  The cheesecake slices are inspired by each of the Golden Girl's iconic characters.


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