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Feel Good Story: Teen And Her 82-Year-Old Grandpa Go Back To School At Same College

Aug 30, 2016 -- 1:49pm

18-year-old Melanie Salazar already has someone older and wiser to show her the ropes: her 82-year-old grandfather!

Melanie tweeted a photo from her grandpa’s first day of class this semester at Palo Alto College and now their sweet story is going viral

“Grandpa and I are very close,” Salazar told The Huffington Post. “I like to say he’s my best friend and it’s great to have him here with me.”



Viral Video: 2-year-old dramatically, and adorably, sings the letters of the alphabet

Aug 30, 2016 -- 1:33pm

A B C D E F G, come and sing along with Violet Ogea!

This video showing the adorable 2-year-old from Shreveport, Louisiana, belting out the alphabet song is quickly going viral. Her mom, Christina Ogea, posted the mesmerizing clip to Facebook on Thursday and it’s already been viewed more than 3 million times. (Wait for the big finish.)

Kenny Chesney pulls fan on stage and shares this special moment

Aug 30, 2016 -- 12:11pm

There couldn't have been a dry eye in the stadium when Kenny Chesney pulled this fan on stage ❤

While performing he brought a young woman named Kelly Swanson onstage. As he finished the song Kenny removed her baseball hat, revealing a bald head. He then took off his own cowboy hat and rubbed his head against hers while he hugged her singing, “Every little thing’s gonna be alright.”

She shared the video of the touching moment on Facebook. 

Kenny shared the touching moment on his page as well

This is for all of those who are still fighting or have fought their battle with cancer!

Moment of Aww: Meet the golden retriever giving hugs and spreading joy in the streets of New York City!

Aug 29, 2016 -- 4:25pm

and yes he of course has his own Instagram account which shares photos of Louboutina sharing the love!

Feel Good Story: McDonald’s worker with Down syndrome retires after 32 years

Aug 29, 2016 -- 3:23pm

A Massachusetts McDonald’s worker with Down syndrome is finally retiring after more than three decades at the restaurant

After 32 years working at the fry station, Freia David’s face is a familiar one for many of the customers and after one man posted a tribute to his friend others followed suit

the town has come together to celebrate her and thank her for her service! 

Congratulations Freia!

Feel Good Story: Hero officer pulled a man from path of train: 'That's my job'

Aug 29, 2016 -- 3:19pm

A New Jersey transit officer is being hailed as a hero after he put his life on the line to pull a stranger off the tracks!

The video footage captured the daring rescue with the officer pulling him to safety with only a second or two to spare.

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