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Moment of Aww: NC Fire and Rescue crews come to the aid of a trapped kitten

Nov 30, 2016 -- 11:16am

Awwww!!! Emergency crews in North Carolina came to the rescue of a trapped kitten.  The Leland Fire and Rescue shared photos of the tiny kitty trapped in a 150-foot-long storm drain. Crews spent over an hour trying to pull the animal to safety. Eventually an officer was able to reach into the drain and grab the frightened feline.

And even better...the person who originally called to report the stuck kitten ended up adopting it!.

Hatchimals Are So Hard to Find That Parents Are Making Santa Explain

Nov 30, 2016 -- 11:10am

The struggle is real for some parents right now trying to find this year's hottest toy...the Hatchimals.

Some parents have found a  way to keep the kids from being disapointed Christmas morning if Santa doesn't bring them the hard to find Hatchimal...a clever letter from Santa himself explaining that the eggs are waiting to hatch!

One family took another approach with a letter they shared from Santa explaining that Hatchimals must stay at the North Pole to avoid “possible extinction.”

Watch a Bride and Groom Have Their First Dance Mid-Traffic Jam

Nov 29, 2016 -- 4:14pm

These newlyweds were on their way to their reception when a multiple-car accident shut down the highway for two hours. Jeff and Rebecca Payne of Centerville celebrated were stuck in the crash for two hours missing their own reception!

But they decided to make the most of it and got out of the car to have their first dance right there the highway.

Strangers stuck in traffic along with them started using the hashtag #rescuethepaynes on Facebook and Twitter to. There was even a videographer stuck in traffic too who captured the perfect moment

They eventually made it to their recption and hopefully they didn't have to drive too far for their honeymoon!


Couple hold Thanksgiving wedding at store where they connected

Nov 29, 2016 -- 4:00pm

Four years ago Charles had just returned from from a tour of duty in Afghanistan and was heading to a friend's house for Thanksgiving when he realized he forgot the cranberry sauce.

He stopped at the store where he ran into an old friend Mary. The two started chatting over the cranberry sauce and four years later they were engaged!! So they decided to go back to where they started...Harvey's Supermarket.

The couple got married in the aisles of the grocery store on Thanksgiving Day and the store even provided a wedding cake...appropriately topped with cranberries!

Great Dane turns heads with daily rides in motorcycle side car

Nov 29, 2016 -- 3:55pm

An Iowa motorcyclist is drawing a lot of attention on Des Moines roads for his unusual side car passenger -- a 150-pound Great Dane named Elvis.

He even wears his own safety goggles!! Elvis doesn't love but is willing to tolerate for his daily rides.

A Goat That Suffers From Anxiety Is Only Calm When She Is In Her Duck Costume

Nov 28, 2016 -- 4:09pm

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