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Pick Stephanie's Song

Mar 29, 2017 -- 12:45pm


Feel Good Story: IHOP waiter stops working to help customer with Huntington's disease eat

Mar 29, 2017 -- 12:26pm

This photo of an IHOP waiter went viral over the weekend after he was spotted feeding a woman with Huntington disease, a genetic disorder that causes the progressive breakdown of nerve cells in the brain.

He says "“I really treat people like I want to be treated,” Thomas said. “If I get to be that age and something happened to me I would want someone to help me out.” Since the photo has gone viral he's received job offers as a caretaker and nurse but he says he just hopes more people pay it forward after seeing this.

Customer who was rude to a Starbucks barista redeems herself in viral letter.

Mar 29, 2017 -- 11:33am
A woman came through the drive through yesterday and got a little irritated with me because we didn't have drink carriers. Today

LOOK: NFL player shows up to random fans' wedding after receiving invitation

Mar 28, 2017 -- 12:34pm

when two Philadelphia Eagles fans sent Eagles guard Brandon Brooks an invitation for their wedding, I’m guessing they figured he wouldn’t show up or even respond. But he did!

amd yep...he showed up!



Reporter gets creative with NCAA blackout

Mar 28, 2017 -- 12:32pm

When the powers that be won't let you show highlights from the NCAA basketball tournament, you have to get creative.

Fla. Man Charged After Eating Pancakes in Busy Intersection [PICS]

Mar 28, 2017 -- 12:06pm

So yeah...this happened.

A guy became every pancake lover's hero after this picture went viral of him eating pancakes in the middle of the road.  Too bad the police didn't agree with his new #herostatus 

The Lakeland Police Department started getting calls about a man sitting on a folding chair in a crosswalk, blocking roads. The man was gone by the time police arrived, but since everything is documented on social media these days they found video footage of it on Facebook and identified him.  

He admitted to doing "as a prank" but police aren't laughing.  He was charged with placing an obstruction in the roadway and disrupting the free flow of traffic

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