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Goat Walks Into Oregon 7-Eleven, Helps Herself To Some Sour Skittles

Jan 20, 2017 -- 11:34am

It sounds like the start to a bad joke..."A goat walks into a 7-11" but it's real life and the goat was pretty sneaky helping himself to some sour skittles! 

Adorable Little Boy Reluctantly Flushing His Pet Fish Is Truly Poetic [VIDEO]

Jan 20, 2017 -- 10:50am

Aww In a video posted by his mother, Dee Griffin, to Facebook, five-year-old Pierce is clearly devastated by the untimely death of his pet fish and the internet is having all the feels right along with him

Cutest Yorkie in the World Is Sad About the Weather [VIDEO]

Jan 19, 2017 -- 12:43pm

Yep, winter is the worst. It is COLD, it is GREY, it is raining (at BEST) and snowing (at WORST) No one wants to leave the house including this Yorkie

As her owner asks, “Are you sad that it’s raining?” the little pup gives the saddest, most pitiful head nod we have ever seen. She is all of us, all winter long.

The 'Puppy Photoshoot' Is Poised to Become the Hot New Pet Trend [PICS]

Jan 19, 2017 -- 12:40pm

We've all seen the adorable newborn photos of proud parents showing off their baby wrapped in a blanket...well the new trend is doing the same...for your puppy!  Awww!!!

Newlyweds Totally Nail That Dirty Dancing Lift During Their Wedding's First Dance [VIDEO]

Jan 19, 2017 -- 12:33pm

Nobody puts Baby in a corner. Newlyweds Lindsay Pergola and Rich Guarini, from Totowa, New Jersey, managed to match Johnny and Baby spin for spin—including that lift—at the end of “Dirty Dancing,” to the amazement of their lucky wedding guests.

WATCH: Disney reveals how every Pixar film is connected

Jan 18, 2017 -- 5:44pm

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